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Mortar mixers

Mix 60 Plus

Lightweight, compact and very quiet mortar mixer. Ideal for small building sites or refurbishment work. Drum capacity 60 l.


Compact mortar mixer with 3-action paddle. Specifically designed for mixing self-levelling material, fiber reinforced material and concrete repair material. Drum capacity 60 l.

Mix 80

Small size and lightweight mortar mixer with I-DUST grid (with connection for vacuum cleaner) to limit the dust in the surrounding environment. Ideal for mixing all the products in bags especially where small quantities need to be mixed at each cycle. Drum capacity 80 l.

Mix 120 Plus

Compact mortar mixer. It batches the most difficult products, both traditional and pre-mixed materials. Drum capacity 120 l.

MIX 200

Planetary mixer with forced action for premixed in bags and traditional mortars. Drum capacity 200 l.

Mix 360 Mix 750

Mortar mixers with high production capacity. Drum capacity 360/750 l.

Spin 15 A

Continuous cycle mixer for premixed products. Hopper capacity 60 l.

Spin 30 Plus

Continuous cycle mixer for premixed products in bags and in silo. Hopper capacity 110 l.