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Syntesi F

Concrete mixers with electric motor or Diesel/petrol engine and 4 pneumatic wheels. Capacity 350 l

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Standard Equipment

  • Diesel or petrol engines or 230V/50Hz electric motors
  • Transmission system with high resistance belt and steel gears in oil bath that are maintenance-free
  • Towbar for transport around the jobsite (not towable on road)
  • 4 large-sized ALL TERRAIN pneumatic wheels (front steering)


Designed and built to solve the problems of traditional mixers, the Syntesi R, Syntesi 350RS, Syntesi F, Syntesi 350 LA and Workman II 250-350 are fitted with two or four pneumatic wheels for displacement. The worm screw tilting system protects against accidental overturning of the drum and reduces effort, while the gearbox warrants maximum silence.