AIRONE 200N-300N | EN - Elevazione


AIRONE 200N-300N

Hoists with telescopic arm. The raised loading point simplifies the passing of materials through windows. Extensible arm up to 1100 mm. Max. capacity 200/300 kg


Data sheet

Standard Equipment

  • Work positioning lever
  • IP67 plug
  • Prearrangement for all IMER supports (gantry excluded) on Airone 200 N
  • Upper limit safety device
  • Direct control with 3-pushbutton IP65 1.5-m pendant control
  • Self-braking motor with magnetic device

Optional Accessories 

  • Prop
  • Ballast container


The special machine configuration makes it easy to install thanks to better weight distribution for the operator. The raised loading point simplifies the passing of materials through windows. Airone 200 N and Airone 300 New have an extensible arm up to 1100 mm. Maximum capacity remains unchanged for the entire extension so bulky material can be lifted without the risk of striking the structures.