TR225VN | EN - Elevazione

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High lifting speed (38 m/min). Ideal for construction sites up to 50 m high. Maximum capacity 150 kg

Product sheet


Data sheet

Standard Equipment

  • Work positioning lever
  • IP67 plug
  • Trolley available for use with a gantry
  • ARS upward and downward limit safety device
  • Multipin connector for changing the pendant control
  • Self-braking motor with magnetic device
  • Bracket can be extended up to 1120 mm

Optional Accessories

  • Low voltage control 24V 30 m
  • Low voltage control 24V 50 m


The low noise level allows working without causing noise harmful to the operator’s health and bothersome to others. TR 225 VN has a high lifting speed (38 m/min) that allows to rapidly work on construction sites with great heights. Ideal for construction sites up to 50 m high.