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IT 220 Series

Two models with working height 16,40 m and 19 m. Capacity 800 kg and 540 kg (including 3 persons). 4WD hydrostatic transmission. Ideal for any terrain. Automatic levelling outriggers for levelling the machine on rough terrain. Diesel version and electric version. For indoor/outdoor use

Product sheet


Data sheet

Standard equipment

  • 4WD hydrostatic transmission 
  • Negative parking brakes 
  • Mechanical wheel drive disengagement for emergency hauling 
  • Manual emergency lowering device 
  • Proportional controls 
  • Diagnostics and hour meter 
  • Cylinder holding valves 
  • Manual double asymmetric deck extension (2 m front + 0.9 m rear) 
  • Inclinometer with motion cut out and alarms 
  • Audible motion alarm 
  • Mechanical scissor protection 
  • Removable control box 
  • Oscillating rear axle 
  • Fold down railings 
  • Overload sensor 
  • Flashing beacons 
  • 230Volt cable with plug socket and security cut-out 
  • Automatic hydraulic levelling outriggers 
  • Access by lateral double ladder 

Standard equipment D 

  • Water-cooled Diesel engine 23 kW 
  • Start-up battery 24V 65 Ah 
  • Start-up battery alternator 
  • Rough terrain tyres extra grip 33x12 – 20" 

Standard equipment E 

  • Power pack 48V – 10 kW 
  • Traction battery 48V 630 Ah 
  • HF battery charger 48V – 55 A with automatic disengagement. Re-charging time 12-13 hours 
  • Battery control system with low voltage and safety cut-out 
  • Battery cut-out handle 
  • Non-marking rough terrain tyres extra grip 33x12 – 20" 


  • Non marking tyres (IT 14220 D - IT 17220 D) 
  • Black tyres (IT 14220 E - IT 17220 E) 


  • Very compact dimensions: 2.20x3.92 m 
  • Large working surface with total length of 6.8 m (with double asymmetric deck extension)
  • IT 14220: drivable with full rated load (800 kg) at full working height 
  • IT 17220: drivable with full rated load (540 kg) at 16 m working height 
  • Extremely versatile model, suitable for indoor/outdoor use and all terrain, thanks to the oscillating axle and the four-wheel drive permanently engaged. 
  • Automatic levelling outriggers for levelling the machine on rough terrain (on even ground the stabilization is not compulsory). 
  • Internal turning radius of only 0.8 m and short overall length of the machine allow a high manoeuvrability. 
  • Maximum load capacity and maximum number of people are totally authorized on the extension of the platform. 
  • Rigid chassis and scissor pack.