Mix 80 | EN - Mescolamento

Mix 80

Small size and lightweight mortar mixer with I-DUST grid (with connection for vacuum cleaner) to limit the dust in the surrounding environment. Ideal for mixing all the products in bags especially where small quantities need to be mixed at each cycle. Drum capacity 80 l.

Product sheet


Data sheet

Standard Equipment

  • Single-phase gearmotor 230V / 50Hz - Oil bath gearmotor
  • Electric safety grate opening
  • Self-resetting motor thermal protector
  • IP55 undervoltage coil switch and IP67 plug
  • Grate with bag breaker blade
  • Removable handles for handling
  • Lifting hooks on 4 sides
  • 4 Wheels for handling and loading on the means of transport
  • I-DUST Dust Grate with connector tube for vacuum cleaner

Optional Accessories

  • Rubber paddles kit complete with supports and bolts


Suitable for mixing:

  • Premixed or traditional cement screed, also with the addition of fibers and / or additives
  • Lightened screed pre-dosed with expanded clay with grain size <10 mm (maximum 1 bag per cycle)
  • Self-levelling anhydride / cement based screeds
  • Cement / lime / gypsum based plasters
  • Fiber-reinforced structural plasters also with the addition of additives
  • Restorative plasters
  • Traditional plasters
  • Binders / mortars for injections
  • Mortars for reinforcement
  • Premixed / traditional bedding mortars
  • Filling concrete with grain size <8 mm
  • Cementitious adhesives
  • Mortars and stuccos for smoothing
  • Waterproofing