Spin 15 | EN - Mescolamento

Spin 15

Mixer with continuous cycle for pre-mixed materials and fine mortar. Hopper capacity 60 l.

Product sheet



Data sheet

Standard Equipment

  • Single-phase 230V/50Hz motor
  • Electric control panel
  • Hopper with bag-breaker grid
  • Removable mixing chamber
  • Mixing shaft with wear-resistant steel paddles
  • Water system
  • Water hose
  • Water pump

Optional Accessories

  • Fine mortar mixing screw kit
  • Flow meter kit


Ideal for quickly mixing premixed plasters, masonry mortars, selflevelling materials and traditional pre-mixed materials in bags. If provided with special optional kit, it is particularly suitable for mixing fine mortar for laying external insulation and tiles. In combination with a plaster sprayer, it can form a single mixing and pumping unit.