Orumultis 55 L

ORU MULTIS 55L with LOGIK WL storage unit equipped with ORU MS 2500/1000A planetary mixer and relevant SKIP. Ideal for ready-mixed concrete production for construction and structural works.

Mixing unit with planetary mixer:  Perfect mixing and excellent cleaning

Pre-assembled and pre-wired monoblock that significantly reduces installation and start up time  

Extreme mobility and transportability  

Easy installation thanks to minimal foundation needs  

Simple to use  

The MULTIS are pre-assembled and pre-wired WET batching plant with incorporated control cab. They are transportable by normal transport systems and are designed to reduce the time and space for the installation. ORUMULTIS systems are compact and designed for quick installation. They are extremely versatile to configure and operate as they can be combined with horizontal storage units but also with a radius lift arm (up to 3) with storage of aggregates on the ground. MULTIS 55 have a production capacity of 55 m3/h