Oruzenith Big10

ZENITH BIG10 is the largest of the range and is the ideal solution for producing quality concrete for ready-mix and pre-cast use in construction sites requiring a high production capacity and level of autonomy. It can be configured with up to 18 storage bins and can store up to 1450m 3 of aggregates. It is distinguished by the minimal space it occupies with respect to horizontal systems of equal or lesser capacity.

High productivity (with different aggregate types)  

High storage, space-saving capacity  

Various solutions and functions  


Excellent modularity of the construction elements  

The loading and mixing processes take place in a closed and controlled environment, allowing solutions for optimal control of noise and dust emissions. The aggregates must be raised when loaded, but this initial effort is more than compensated for throughout the production process which takes place in a closed environment while the unloading operations take place by gravity with considerable advantages in terms of energy savings, wear and noise.